Top 10 Upcoming Business Ideas In India | Future Business Ideas In 2021

Starting your own business and becoming an entrepreneur is still the dream of many, with lots of confusion about which business is best in India. upcoming business ideas in india.

The first thing people search for is what are future business opportunities in India.  And, the first common question that arises is which is the best business to start in India?

Well, there could be many… wherever there is a problem, there is a solution, and that solution is what makes you an entrepreneur.

But, if you are a start-up, then your future business ideas in India must be innovative enough to stand out from the crowd.

Therefore, after a lot of market research, we have come up with the list of Top businesses in India that are known as the best businesses to start in India. Keep reading to find out the one best suited to your budget and interest.

Top 10 Upcoming Business Ideas In India

1. VR games – future business in India

Bringing some adventure with virtual reality (VR) games is one of the best innovative business ideas in India. From children to teenagers, everyone loves to play games. The virtue of virtual reality lies in the best of both worlds – the real world and an artificial environment.

People always love to explore new things, earlier there was a trend of spending time in café’s, picnic spots, movie theatres, and now VR games can provide a quality experience.

A VR arena, like a VR escape room or a VR gaming arcade, are the new innovative business ideas in India that are reasonably affordable to offer an exciting and thrilling experience to the public at large. If you have a good investment amount, then these can be amazing upcoming business opportunities in India.

2. Food truck

Food lovers with an entrepreneurial idea may not be able to afford a full-fledged restaurant, but they may start a food truck business. So, build your moving restaurant and provide convenience to your customers in their prominent areas. You don’t need to pay any rent for location or electricity bill. All you need is a truck to sell food items from the food truck.

In the food truck business, you have the option to bring your business to different locations based on demand during different periods of the day, days of the week, etc.,

3. E-commerce reselling

E-commerce is not yet fully developed in India; it is still growing. But if you cannot manufacture your own products, you have an option of E-commerce reselling. You can simply buy products from the manufacturers and sell them by adding your margin.

You have the option to develop your selling platform and add sellers there (for instance, Amazon). The sellers will sell their own products, and you can charge a good amount of commission and delivery charges from the sellers. If you have a moderate investment amount, then consider E-commerce reselling as the best business to start in India.

4. Jute bag business

Another amazing one in our list of future business ideas is the jute bag business. The world is encouraging people to adopt eco-friendly products, and here, the demand for eco-friendly products is increasing day by day. One well-known example is people are now moving from plastic to paper bags. However, paper bags are somehow restricted to some weight.

So, another alternative could be jute or cloth bags that are light weighted and can easily hold a heavyweight. Jute bags can be manufactured in several designs for different purposes. You can tie up with malls, small shops, restaurants and other retailers to sell them in bulk for earning a good margin.

5. 3D printing 

Showing the 3D prints of the products makes things more attractive rather than just a paper drawing. When so much is happening around 3D printing technology, then starting your own 3D printing business is one of the best business ideas in 2021 India.

You can learn some good technology and buy a 3D printer to start your printing business. You can customize anything, and it is possible with 3D printing and mobile covers, jewellery, t-shirts, sports items, etc. If you have a creative mind, then 3D printing is the best business to start in India.

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6. WiFi installation services

Another in our list of which business is best in India is WiFi installation services. As we are living in the internet era, the dependability of the internet is growing day by day. In such cases, the requirement of WiFi at home (especially, work from home), office, café’s, restaurants, etc., are increasing.

Due to the lack of WiFi installation services, people face difficulty finding good WiFi operators and installation services. In such situations, you can start your WiFi installation company to install the WiFi hotspots and sell your data to other companies.

7. Online grocery store

To make your grocery store unique, you must have the feature of delivering the food products quickly as the grocery items are a basic necessity for all households.

Nowadays, people are working, and they barely get time to visit stores and purchase groceries physically. Here, you can find a fantastic opportunity by starting your online website to offer all grocery items at one stop.

8. Drone delivery – future business ideas

Starting a drone delivery company is one of the fastest-growing upcoming business ideas in India. Many companies like Swiggy, Amazon, Zomato are planning to start delivering products through drones. Drones have multiple uses and can be utilized in many ways.

You can start your own drone delivery business with basic knowledge of piloting drones. Besides that, you can also pursue events and wedding photography with drones, inspection at the agricultural areas, courier providing services, etc. Like in other countries, the drone delivery business is considered the best upcoming business idea in India.

9. Internet of things (IoT) industry

IoT is highly underdeveloped in India, which could be turned into highly profitable upcoming business ideas in India. Internet of Things opportunities seem endless as all the modern digital services are connected with the web. And, in future, lots of services are yet to be connected with the internet. IoT can be applicable in hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, travel, retail, and various other sectors.

For instance, IoT software has opened a new approach of tracking inventory by managing storing units, requisitions with suppliers and monitoring all payment details. Similarly, IoT makes manufacturing cost-effective. Here, one can find a good opportunity in the IoT industry being one of the profitable future business ideas

10. Investment advisors

If you are from some finance profile or interested in money management, then you could be a good investment advisor. Today’s generation is now shifting from saving to investment options as not everyone is aware of the right schemes of investments.

You can offer them advisory services and charge a good amount as your advisory fees.

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