Top 10 Business Ideas In Punjab | Best Small Business Ideas In Punjab Villages To Try In 2022

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Punjab has many key economic indicators and government support that helps businesses to grow. While considering all the aspects and availability in Punjab, we have tried to find some creative and innovative business ideas with technology that will keep your business ahead of the competition.  

So, if you are now tired of searching “small business ideas in Punjab villages,” or “small manufacturing business ideas in Punjab,”and still confused about which is the best business in Punjab, then just read our article.

We have mentioned the most profitable business in Punjab, which you can start with proper planning and marketing. All the business ideas have a good future perspective with huge earning potentials. 

Ready to start new business in Punjab? Brainstorm your thoughts, and yes, don’t forget to prepare a business plan.

Best Business Ideas In Punjab (2022)

1Warehousing Services
2E-commerce to Villages
3Warehousing Services
4Readymade Garment Business
5Food Delivery Business
6Organic Produce Store
7Renting Of Farm Equipment
8Vehicle Rental Business
9Healthy Food Mobile Restaurant
10Starting An Educational Institute
11Gardening Services

1. E-commerce to Villages 

The first best business to start in Punjab, which we categorize as small business ideas in Punjab villages with huge potential to grow across the countries, is the E-commerce business.

Although the E-commerce business is rapidly increasing in urban areas, but in rural areas, this is still an excellent opportunity to start. Setting up an e-commerce store while targeting small-town customers, villages, and nearby rural areas is one of the new business ideas in Punjab.

The internet users in rural areas are usually below the age of 25; that’s why in the villages, there is the current scope of starting an e-commerce portal with profitable products to modify their lifestyle. 

The biggest challenge is to convince people to buy online products and make online payments. As an alternative, you can start with cash on delivery facility to build trust. So, we can say that the e-commerce customers have mainly trust issues and logistics problems. 

So, if you can cater to these problems, it can be started as one of the small business ideas in Punjab villages with great earning potential.

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2. Warehousing Services 

The next most demanding business ideas in Punjab is providing a warehouse facility. As we know, Punjab produces a large volume of vegetables, fruits, and other crops, which creates a huge demand for warehouses.

Hence, we found a good potential in this to consider it one of the best business ideas in Punjab. The warehousing facility includes various operations such as storage, products management, 24*7 security, delivery, and tracking.

Plus, such goods are perishable and require a properly temperature-oriented warehouse. Many small farmers are not able to afford the rent of warehouses. So, if you have space lying around or own spacious land, you can build some cold storage facilities for farmers at affordable rates. 

In addition to that, once e-commerce portals start in the village areas, the requirement of warehousing will be on the boom. And, it will be one of the best business ideas in Punjab

3. Readymade Garment Business 

If you are looking for small-scale business ideas in Punjab, then starting a shop for readymade garments is another great business to start in Punjab. The Indian apparel and textile industry is expected to reach 220 billion $ by 2025. 

The reason behind starting this business in Punjab is that the city is one of the largest garments markets in the country. So, with the proper planning and marketing strategies, you can start a readymade garment business online in Punjab. 

You have various business models in these small manufacturing business ideas in Punjab for your online clothing store, including 

  • Existing designs and prints, i.e., already available in market 
  • Customized cut and sew, i.e., from designing to manufacturing. 
  • Print-on-demand clothing, i.e., T-shirt printing  
  • Private labels, especially for corporations, events, schools, etc.
  • Dropshipping, i.e., you don’t buy inventory, just connect with wholesalers and bring orders for them to earn a good profit margin.

Start with some selective items by understanding the rural people’s lifestyle and expand it as per the market demands. You can grow faster with exporting business also. 

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Small Business Ideas In Punjab (2022 )

4. Food Delivery Business 

Thinking of starting something from home itself? We have brought some profitable home business ideas in Punjab. As we all know that the food delivery business is a fastest-growing business and one of the low investment business ideas in Punjab.

Food delivery is like courier services in which various vendors, shops, restaurants register themselves on a third-party app to deliver their food, groceries, or even cooked dishes to customers on demand.

Here, you can come up with a food delivery app that connects various small vendors in Punjab to a single online platform and connect your delivery boys to deliver the food products to people’s doorstep.

This is one of the profitable home business ideas in Punjab that you can even consider to start side business ideas in Punjab. As of now, we haven’t found any such food delivery app to solve the problems of the Punjab villages, so this could be considered in the list of new business ideas in Punjab.  

Similarly, you can expand into the farm-to-home delivery business. You can set up an online store, where you can partner with farmers or producing/manufacturing companies and offer fresh products to the customers at premium prices. The key to the success of this business is offering “Quality and Freshness of Products.”

5. Organic Produce Store 

Punjab is a hub of farming and hence provides numerous business opportunities in organic farming, food and agro-processing, food business, and so on. So, innovating some business related to agriculture could turn into the most profitable business in Punjab. 

Organic food is food that is grown organically without the use of pesticides and fertilizers, which is incredibly healthy. Everyone wants to live a healthy life and in the world of chemical mixtures, bringing back the tradition of naturally grown food products is one of the great small business ideas in Punjab villages

Further, it is anticipated that the Indian organic food market will grow over 25% in the next 3 years, so there is a huge scope to start a small business of organic food & organic farming.

Well, the main thing you need to consider before starting an organic produce store is “Land.” Here, if you have land, you can partner with small-scale farmers and sell their products through your online store at good prices.

Initially, you can start with some seasonal fruits and vegetables and grow them naturally, i.e., chemical-free.  

Organic produce is not limited to food only, but it is extended to

  • Organic personal care, i.e., beauty and hair products
  • Organic baby products,
  • Organic harvest products,
  • Organic farming products, 
  • Bio-organic products 

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New Business Ideas In Punjab (2022 )

6. Renting Of Farm Equipment 

Farm equipment rental business is a huge opportunity to grab for the best business to start in Punjab. Farm equipment leasing is a largely unorganized sector, and farmers largely depend upon the equipment on a daily basis, such as harvesters, tractors, machinery, tillers, sprayers, and many others. 

As we know, farmers can’t afford to buy the new farm equipment and then on their repair and maintenance. Purchasing these items from wholesale dealers will allow you to buy them at considerably cheap rates so that you can rent to earn a good profit margin.

So, this is opening new business ideas in Punjab, where you can provide the necessary farming equipment on lease to the farmers and handle their maintenance.

Another business model could be partnering or collaborating with your competitors or even with farmers who have idle equipment to lease out. With an online portal, you can provide them various farm equipment on rent or lease. You can offer them customized finance options with easy payments. 

7. Vehicle Rental Business

Interested to start something new? How about the vehicle rental business? Sounds interesting. While looking for the customer’s transportation solution, we found a few new business ideas in Punjab in the transportation sector.

Starting a vehicle rental business anywhere in the country is the most profitable business idea in India 2021. Like other states in India, Punjab attracts thousands of tourists every month, which provides the opportunity to start a vehicle rental business in Punjab.

Initially, you can start with bike or car rental and grow further to truck rental in Punjab. How about providing a self-drive car for rent? Amazing right. So, with the proper identification, security, and GPS facility, you can start a vehicle rental business. 

If you want to start these as low investment business ideas in Punjab, then also, you have a great opportunity. In this, you can partner with the dealer having used vehicles to offer their cars/bikes on rent and earn commissions.

In such a way, you don’t have to bother about buying your own vehicles, space, and other related expenses. 

Another option is starting a vehicle renting business by acting as cab aggregators like Ola or Uber. Create an app and list all the vehicle models for booking at an affordable price. 

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Small Business Ideas In Punjab Villages (2022 )

8. Healthy Food Mobile Restaurant 

Starting a mobile food restaurant offers you the advantage of locating your vehicle in a strategic location. Due to the convenience of the customers, mobile food restaurants are becoming popular around the world.

It requires less investment than a restaurant; that’s why it is considered the best business to start in Punjab with low investment. 

A mobile restaurant means a restaurant made up of a vehicle where you can prepare food and sell it. A food truck operational model can be roaming, residence-based, or something in between.

As such food trucks are not yet trending in Punjab but are the fastest growing in the country, we consider it one of the new business ideas in Punjab to start. 

In Punjab, being a tourist place with many monuments and religious places, it can be a most profitable business idea to start outside such places. If you have an existing small food restaurant, then you can also shift to a food truck. Along with this, you can think about expansion plans like making money from various events and catering. 

9. Starting An Educational Institute 

It is a well-known fact that the state of education in rural areas, villages of India is extremely poor. If you can contribute something to establish the education sector, it is one of the incredible small business ideas in Punjab villages.

According to a survey report of ASER, it is observed that more than 50% of the students in the 5th standard attending rural schools are not capable of reading textbooks of the second standard and also not able to solve basic mathematical questions. Here is a massive gap in the education of urban and rural areas, which needs to be improved. 

You can offer various skill-based coaching along with placement opportunities, such as computer skills, communication skills, personality development, etc. If you can plan to start an online education platform, it would be an excellent option for the students. 

However, you will face issues as students living in rural areas usually don’t have computers or mobile phones. So, it is suggested to provide good infrastructure and ask some volunteers to join you who have a passion for teaching students.

10. Gardening Services

For entrepreneurs who are looking for small business ideas in Punjab, villages can start their gardening services. With a gardening business, you can turn your favorite hobby into a profitable venture. You can grow a variety of plants, also specialize in organic or natural gardening, vegetables, fruits, or flowers for cutting.

Some people love to décor their balconies by creating their own garden; you can offer them your gardening services or even consultancy services on how to grow beautiful gardens and thus start a small scale business in Punjab. The gardeners perform many tasks such as watering, digging, planting, trimming, and leaf-blowing to keep the yards looking awesome.

To sell your items, you can set up a small stand in your front yard or open a small store nearby your home. Farmer’s markets are another hot place to sell your items. Many people love to have a garden with a terrace. 

You can get good profits in the gardening business, and the reason for starting a gardening business in Punjab is the availability of all required seeds, farming equipment, land, and other necessities. Plan and start these creative small business ideas in Punjab in and around houses.

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