Top 10 Best New Business Ideas In Gujarat 2022

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Your passion for starting a business has brought you to find about the “best business ideas in Gujarat”.  

In this competitive world, it is challenging to find new business ideas in Gujarat. A business idea is all about solving people’s problems along with profitability and expansion plans. With these visions, we have come up with the best small business ideas in Gujarat.

If you are doing a job and looking for side business ideas in Gujarat, then we have also added side business ideas in Gujarat. A common saying is, “Gurajati are rich in doing businesses and known as highly successful business people.”

Gujarat is one of the most preferred Investment Destinations, which opens numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs to find business ideas in almost all segments, be it manufacturing business ideas in Gujarat or side business ideas in Gujarat

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Before starting a business in any state, you must be aware of the resources available in that particular state. Similarly, Gujarat is rich in various segments such as Petro-chemical, textile and apparel (especially cotton), chemicals and fertilizers, dairy products and a perfect tourist’s destination. 

If you are also planning to start your business, you should be passionate and have the mindset to overcome challenges to achieve the target.

In this article, we will share the best business ideas in Gujarat or new business ideas in surat that you can start with low or no investment. Moreover, these were the best business ideas in Gujarat 2022, which can be upgraded with technology and turn out more profitable. 

Best New Business Ideas In Gujarat

Let’s check these startup business ideas in Gujarat

1. Dairy Product Business

Being the third-largest milk producer in India, Gujarat offers you an excellent opportunity to start a dairy product business in Gujarat. The milk production in Gujarat mainly consists of cow and buffalo milk.

You can enter into different dairy market segments such as milk, Ghee, frozen yogurt, cheese, paneer, butter, ice cream, fresh cream, lassi.

If you can deliver the fresh and organic low-fat milk in the morning at the customer’s doorstep, they will be ready to pay you premium prices. Some examples of dairy startups are a country delight, Milkbasket, and milk mantra. 

How to start a dairy product business?

  • You can start operating your own dairy farm, 
  • You can also be a dairy distributor or 
  • You can also produce milk products such as yogurt or cheese. 

Investment required

Dairy product business requires a one time set up cost of machinery, i.e., around 10-15 lakhs. However, the profit margins are very good. Dairy product businesses were also the best business ideas in Gujarat 2022.

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2. Wholesale garment business 

The wholesale garment business is one of the best manufacturing business ideas in Gujarat as Gujarat is the largest manufacturer and exporter of textiles. 

You can start with traditional Gujarat wear like saree, ghagra choli, dhoti, and lehengas and grow it with trendy clothes. Traditional clothes always remain in demand among the tourists also. 

How to promote the garment business?

  • You can start as your own eCommerce platform and establish your brand 
  • You can partner with the retailers to sell them in bulk
  • Find ways to start exporting to other states or countries

Investment required

You can start wholesale garment manufacturing business ideas in Gujarat as low as the investment of Rs. 1,00,000 and earn up to 10 times, depending upon the quality and creativity. 

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New Business Ideas in Gujarat 

3. Car rental business

If you are looking for new business ideas in Gujarat, then the vehicle rental business is the best business idea in Gujarat 2020. The day to day hike in petrol prices are the main reason to start this business in Gujarat. Moreover, it has huge potential to grow in every state. 

You can give vehicles like bikes, scooters or cars on rent and charge them hourly. Revv is an example of a car rental business startup. 

How to start a car rental business?

  • If you can invest in buying vehicles, then buy your own vehicles as inventory
  • Partner with dealers having second-hand vehicles on a commission basis
  • Give car on rent to those who need it for the friends or family trips 

Investment required

Being the new business ideas in Gujarat, it depends on how you want to start as buying your own vehicles require huge investment, whereas partnering with some dealers can help you to start it as new business ideas in Gujarat with low investment.

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Business ideas in Gujarat without investment

4. Handicraft business

If you’re creative enough and familiar with making handcrafted decorative items, you can easily turn them into small business ideas in Gujarat, or you can hire a few more craftsmen to scale your business. 

From hand embroidery to hand painting, Gujarati handicrafts are famous around the country. This artwork includes a wall piece, cushion covers, plate designing, vase painting, table mats, handmade sarees, and many more.

The prime reason to start a handicraft business in Gujarat is the craftsman availability and scope of exporting the creative items. More than 50% of the total handicraft exports go to the United States and Europe from India.

How to promote handicraft business?

  • Start selling your craft at online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Etsy, Lal10. 
  • Start your own E-commerce Websites
  • Promote it on local markets and events
  • Sell them at premium prices at Art, craft, and Music Festivals

Investment required

The art and craft business doesn’t require much investment. You can simply start with waste material to craft into something new or buy the decorative material in bulk directly from the wholesale market. 

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5. Small scale garment business 

Gujarat is considered the textile hub of India that produces 30% of cotton and 56% Denim of the country’s total production. Setting up a readymade garment manufacturing unit in Gujarat is considered top among the other small-scale business ideas.

The textile business includes conversion of fibre to yarn and then to fabric stitching. It serves various readymade markets for clothes, sewing, stitching, embroidery, dyeing, printing, hand textured, and handicrafts.

These facts clearly show how profitable it is to find manufacturing business ideas in Gujarat in the textile industry.

Entering into the textile business gives various options to start small manufacturing business ideas in Gujarat

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Basic requirements to start 

  • Firstly, research the market and decide the type of garments you want to sell, such as saree, denim jeans, Kurtis, salwar-kameez, men’s shirts, or traditional Gujarati wears like ghagra choli & dhotis.
  • Start contacting manufacturers and vendors to purchase high-quality fabric. 
  • Hire the required manpower such as tailors, skilled labours for dying and printing process and other supporting staff. 
  • Next is to look for the machinery for factory set-up, i.e., sewing machines, fabric cutting machines, ironing, and garment finishing equipment. 
  • You are set to start one of the profitable small business ideas in Gujarat.

Marketing to get target customers 

  • You can expect a good start to your business if people are aware of your business in advance. Social media marketing and online marketing are some of the most powerful tools these days.
  • Contact with nearby retailers to sell them in bulk. 
  • Sell your products on e-commerce portals, like Amazon and Flipkart.

Investment required and Earning potential 

Depending upon the scale of operations, manufacturing business ideas in Gujarat requires a different amount of investment. Consider the significant investments here of raw material, labour cost, machinery, and rent. 

You can start this small scale business in Gujarat with a capital of around 5 lakhs. The profit margin is around 50-60%, depending upon the cloth segment.

If you can establish a quality brand, then these low budget business ideas in Gujarat keep the potential to make you rich in no time. 

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Growth potential 

The fashion industry is never-ending across the world. With so many festivals to enjoy, people love to wear different and unique patterns. Printing and embroidery add value to manufactured clothes and garments.

You can expand your business by collaborating with fashion designers and come up with new clothing designs, patches, etc. 

Further, exporting readymade garments have a huge potential to make it the best profitable business in Gujarat. 

6. Online Tiffin services in Gujarat 

If you are a working person and looking for side business ideas in Gujarat, then Tiffin services in Gujarat is a new business idea in Gujarat with low investment. 

A lot of people live away from home for work or education. In the online Tiffin services, your target audience will be people who are living in Paying guests, working people, university students, etc. Most women prefer to start such business from home; hence we consider it as one of the best business ideas in Gujarat for ladies.

You can deliver fresh, homemade food cooked with care to them. The model of a Tiffin service business is simple and one of the low budget business ideas in Gujarat.

Tiffin services business is one of the small business ideas in Gujarat. People who are good at cooking can easily turn it into a great business opportunity, or you can hire some cook to prepare food. 

In a busy working life, it is a headache for everyone to prepare breakfast and pack lunch every day. Here, a nearby tiffin service can solve the problem for many office goers who can’t make their food. 

You can start a home-based food business and turn it into profitable side business ideas in Gujarat

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How to start a tiffin services business?

  • Partner with paying guests in your local areas to deliver tiffin services
  • Tie up with corporate to offer them lunch services 
  • You can also register your business on food platforms like Zomato, Swiggy or build your own food delivery platform 
  • You can provide homely meals for families.

Basic requirements to start 

  • Initially, you can start with a Whatsapp business account to take orders. Once budget allows, build fully responsive mobile apps and websites that allow customer ordering on the go. 
  • Customize meal plans for daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, such as seasonal, veg/non-veg, etc. and also fix meal prices including delivery charges.
  • Hire a cook for preparing the food and helpers for cleaning, packaging and much more.
  • Hire delivery persons to deliver food on time or tie up with a delivery service agency for efficient delivery.

Marketing to get target customers 

  • You can register at the food delivery apps like wiggy, zomato, etc., to grow your food orders. Choose your Tiffin packaging with your brand name and logo to create a great impression.
  • Create a brand account on social media like Instagram and Facebook, post about your dishes, services and customer testimonials.
  •  Attract customer orders by offering discounts on specific products or weekends. 

Investment required and Earning potential 

Plan your meals and calculate the cost of it all. You need to include the cost of a tiffin, packaging and basic food items such as roti, rice, dal, sabzi, and salad.

Currently, one tiffin costs around Rs. 25-30 and you can easily sell it around Rs. 60-80. Most people don’t mind paying a little if they get high-quality fresh meals when it comes to food.

Due to minimum investment, we consider it profitable business ideas in Gujarat without investment. You just need to calculate the cost of tiffin, packaging, and meals.

Growth potential 

As a tiffin provider, it is mandatory to maintain a balance between taste and hygiene. With a quality taste, you can establish your brand, sell your business franchises like Mcdonalds, Burger King.

Further, you can start catering services to marriages, functions, events, parties, or the corporate.

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7. E-Commerce Consultant (marketing consultant)

An eCommerce consultant is among the new business ideas in Gujarat. A person with good marketing skills can consider it to start side business ideas in Gujarat. Nowadays, the trend of doing business marketing has changed from traditional to online. 

And, the majority of businesses are going online, which rapidly increases the demand for eCommerce consultants. Not only the trading business but those who are starting their manufacturing business ideas in Gujarat also require a person to help in business cost planning. 

People have unique ideas and products to start their business, but they suffer lack of marketing knowledge, and due to this mostly startup fails. 

As an eCommerce Consultant, you’re responsible for analyzing a business and advertising plan, tracking progress, and adjusting the plan as conditions change.

This is why there is now a great demand for consultants in modern marketing channels such as SEO, mobile marketing, social media marketing, etc. An eCommerce consultant guides you through preparing a full fledged plan on starting and marketing your business, inventory management, business registration guidelines, and much more.

Basic requirements to start 

  • Build a professional website and promote yourself as an eCommerce consultant
  •  Choose the services you want to provide and master such skills 
  • Do market research and make pricing or package plans of your services 
  •  Determine Your Potential Client
  • Promote Your Business on a social media platform, and you are ready to implement small business ideas in Gujarat.

Marketing to get target customers 

Focus on the businesses that are newly entering the business. Create your account on some freelancer websites to get leads.

Investment required and Earning potential 

It is a business idea in Gujarat without investment as you need to invest in upgrading your skills only. And little investment required building a stunning website and its promotion. 

E-commerce consultants can charge for a complete package or per hour basis; thus, there is huge earning potential if you start these side business ideas in Gujarat

Growth potential 

Once you establish your name in the market, you can take on international projects.

You can build a professional team and start a consultant or marketing agency. 

You can work as a Shopify consultant, Amazon or Flipkart consultant to manage the sellers’ platform of the businesses. 

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8. Food Business in Gujarat 

Apart from the manufacturing and trading hub, Gujarat is also a tourist destination, where tourists, including foreigners, love to explore the city’s culture and their favourite food.

The food business was the best business ideas in Gujarat 2022, and with the increased demands, it is in our list of best business ideas in Gujarat 2022 also. 

Gujarat is famous for Dhokla, Thepla and papads, which gives an opportunity to you to start small business ideas in India Gujarat in the food sector.

The state provides some unique and tasty eatables that have their own hidden taste and speciality.

Having a food joint, food bus, or food café with authentic Gujarati food is a small business ideas in Gujarat to start with low investment.

There are different food business ideas to start in Gujarat, such as cloud kitchen, café, restaurants, food trucks, etc. here; we are sharing one of the trending and new business ideas in Gujarat, i.e., a food truck in Gujarat. 

Basic requirements to start 

  • Food trucks are customized commercial vehicles and come in different shapes and sizes. You need to plan about raw material, food equipment, and vehicles and their costs. 
  •  Choose the suppliers for supplying the fresh raw material on a daily basis.
  • Deciding a location nearby commercial places with high traffic places in the city.
  •  Decide a menu equipped with Gujarat traditional dishes. 
  • Hire some cooks and helpers to help you while preparing food and packaging. 

Marketing to get target customers 

You can go with both online and offline marketing. Fliers and posters are effective for local communication. You could distribute flyers and put up posters in neighbourhoods. 

In order for your food truck to become popular, you will need to brand it as well.

You can create an attractive website, Mobile applications for easy access to the customers, and an Instagram page that describes everything about the business- its story, products and services offered, available discounts, etc.

Investment required and Earning potential 

A brand new commercial truck for your food truck business would cost you between Rs. 4 – 5 lakhs in India. However, you can buy a used vehicle initially. The food business has a good profit margin with one-time setup costs. 

9. Local delivery business

The last one in our list of best business ideas in Gujarat 2022 is the local delivery business. On-demand delivery businesses have become all the rage in the last couple of years. For instance, Kirana is one such grocery delivery business, which helps you earn extra on every home delivery. You can start it locally as new business ideas in surat also. 

People of the modern world prefer going online for everything, where everything is available with just one click; people prefer to get everything delivered to their place, including food and grocery. 

You have various delivery options to start, such as medicine delivery, cake delivery, pickup and delivery, furniture delivery etc. 

Another one of the small business ideas in Gujarat is starting your delivery services. To stay safe at home, people are now opting for doorstep delivery services, be it food, grocery or medicines. People prefer to get fast delivery to meet their urgent requirements. 

All you need is your reliable delivery partners, who must have a valid driving license, own their vehicle and have a smartphone. 

If you can start delivering products by yourself, then it is among the best business ideas in Gujarat without investment.

How to start a delivery business?

  • You could tie up with online marketplaces to help with home deliveries.
  • You can create a website to connect all marketplaces like restaurants, chemists, etc. and connect with them to your delivery boys.
  • ·You can start it in your local areas by connecting Kirana stores and delivering the local customer’s product as and when they need it. 

Basic requirements to start 

  • The most important thing you need in any delivery business is delivery vehicles, be it a two-wheeler for or larger trucks for bulk transportation. 
  • The next requirement is reliable delivery persons, who should be energetic and willing to join the delivery business in India.
  • Build a business website or mobile app so that customers can easily avail themselves of your courier services. 

Marketing to get target customers 

Initially, you can partner with eCommerce platforms like Amazon or Flipkart to deliver products to customers and run small scale business ideas in Gujarat to grow later with your own infrastructure.

You can tie up with local food joints or restaurants to deliver their products for a food delivery business. 

Similarly, you can deliver 24*7 medicines, lab reports and gives a start to your own medicine delivery service.

Investment required and Earning potential 

Many businesses have started delivery businesses for just Rs. 1 Lakh. Many people want urgent delivery of various products, and for that, you can charge high prices and turn these grocery businesses into the best small business ideas in Gujarat

Delivery service is one of the best new business ideas in Gujarat that you can quickly turn into a profitable small business idea.

If you have your own vehicle, then all you need to invest in is your time as you can hire delivery persons also who have their own vehicles. Another alternative is to take vehicles on rent. People are ready to pay high charges for their urgent deliveries.

Best business ideas in Gujarat 2022

10. Internet marketing agency 

The increase in online businesses has increased the demand for online marketing that requires marketing specialists. 

More businesses, especially startups, are now trying to take advantage of online platforms to grab the target audience and convert them into their customers. But there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of digital marketing experts.

If you can start your internet marketing business today, it will be among the best business ideas in Gujarat in 2022 . 

How to start an Internet marketing agency?

  • Start by building your own online presence through a professional website
  • Connect at social media platforms to find your potential customers
  • Build a team of experts, including content writers, SEO specialists, Ads running professionals. 

Investment required

It is a low-cost business to start in Gujarat, and there is a high demand for digital marketing business in the future, which can make you rich with your skills. You can earn as much as lakhs in a month with an initial investment of just Rs. 15,000 to 20,000.

11. Traditional food business

Tradition never fades, especially in clothes and food. Every state has their own cultural food, which every tourist loves like Dhokla and Khandvi are the famous foods in Gujarat. 

Being a tourist’s favourite destination, Gujrat opened a business opportunity to start the food point or food truck business in Gujarat. Moreover, some cities also export traditional food that gives them a good profit margin.

To make your brand and beat the competition, the food quality and taste is the topmost priority. 

How to start a traditional food business?

Start with some food stalls in the crowded areas or outside the offices, colleges.

You can register your food stall at the online food platforms

Start selling your food business franchise to scale your brand 

Export the packed or frozen food products

Investment required

You can start a food business with an initial investment of around Rs. 50,000 and earn a 50-60% profit margin depending upon the food quality you serve. 

Best business in Gujarat with low investment

12. Saree reselling business 

Our favourite Best business in Gujarat with low investment is reselling business. As we know, Surat is a hub of wholesale saree. Saree has a vast market to sell among the Indian as well as foreign women, especially during the festival seasons they prefer to buy a perfect ethnic outfit to wear. 

Gujarat is the largest manufacturer of textile, especially cotton. So, starting a saree manufacturing or saree reselling business could be the best manufacturing business ideas in Gujarat. 

The best thing about reselling a business is that you don’t need to buy any inventory. All you need to do is focus on bringing customers to sell your products. 

How to start a saree reselling business?

  • You can start your wholesale Saree Shop
  • Start your social media selling platform
  • You can also start a saree reselling business at home
  • If you have a space, then an offline saree store is a great way. 

Investment required 

You don’t have to buy stock in the saree reselling business, so it can be started as the best business in Gujarat with low investment. You need to spend some money on advertising to attract customers.

13. Online fashion boutique 

Fashion boutiques are small clothing stores selling a unique line of high-quality, high-end or trendy clothes at a significantly higher price than traditional retail businesses.

Such boutiques operate in a particular niche, usually fashion, jewellery, or accessories. Due to the large availability of textile and artists, skilled labour, you can design and print unique dresses.

How to start an online fashion boutique?

  • Start by designing and promoting your products through Instagram influencers.
  • Register your brand on eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Etsy, 
  • You can partner with some models who need fashion clothes for their shooting portfolios.

Investment required

You can start it with low investment by selling your design ideas and then keeping inventory to sell fashion accessories and clothes. So, you can start it as low as by Rs. 10 000 or with an inventory of Rs. 1 00,000.


We hope you got good ideas about business ideas in Gujarat, including manufacturing business ideas in Gujarat. You can also convert the above business ideas into trading business ideas in Gujarat and earn a good income. 

All the businesses are new business ideas in Gujarat that possess huge earning potential and growth.

Feel free to comment and ask for any detailed business plan ideas and step by step guide to start a business in Gujarat. We would like to hear more new business ideas in Gujarat

Frequently Asked Questions

Which business is best in Gujrat?

Textile manufacturing, Gems and jewellery business are the best businesses to start in Gujarat. 

What are the most successful small businesses?

The businesses related to clothing, food stalls, and digital marketing are the most successful small businesses. 

What is a famous business in Gujarat?

Gujarat is the hub of organic products, so businesses with organic touches such as dairy, chemicals, fertilizers and textile are some of the famous businesses in Gujarat. 

Which city is best for business in Gujarat?

Ahmedabad (IT and food processing units) and Surat (city of diamond and clothing) are the best cities to invest in for business.

Which is the richest city of Gujarat?

Surat is the richest city in the western state of Gujarat due to its diamond and textile industry. 

Which city is the Centre of business in Gujarat?

Surat, also known as the “city of diamond”, is the business hub of Gujarat, equipped with major economic resources. And, also a shopping centre for apparel and accessories. 

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