Top 10 Business Ideas in Tamilnadu | New Small Scale Business In Tamilnadu 2021

Fed up with a 9-5 job or want to follow your passion towards an entrepreneur journey, you need the best profitable business in Tamilnadu because no business can survive without profit. No doubt you need quality in your products and services before earnings, but somewhere, the sole purpose of business is earning profits.

Tamilnadu is best known for temples and architecture, food and classical dances. And, people kept searching for business ideas in Tamilnadu related to these niches only.

Although it’s not true, an entrepreneur needs to find the trending business in Tamilnadu and convert it into the best business in Tamilnadu; otherwise, you will end up copying the existing businesses.

So, initially, you might be interested in small business ideas in Tamilnadu villages in Tamil and definitely some new business ideas in Tamilnadu 2021.

We have shared a collection of top 10 business in Tamilnadu, with a great profit margin and amazing future growth and expansions. You can pick the best business ideas in Tamilnadu and add your creativity to make it more unique and customer-oriented.

Business Ideas in Tamilnadu

New business ideas in Tamil Nadu 2021

1. Automobile services – best business in Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu is a well-known city for automobiles, which contributes around 21% of the total exports of automobiles. Being an automobile hub, the city opens various opportunities for the best business in Tamilnadu.

The automobile industry comprises designing, developing, manufacturing, and selling motor vehicles. In addition to these, services like repair, maintenance, spare parts, and other automobile accessories are also covered in the automobile.

If you are interested in the automobile sector, then it ranks number one among the top 10 businesses in Tamilnadu. The reason for starting this business is the emergence of electronic vehicles across the country. The government is highly supporting the automobile industries, which are contributing to the manufacturing of e-vehicles. Furthermore, automobile parts have huge demand domestically and globally. 

If you are serving a repair shop in rural areas of Tamilnadu, then you can attract business from other cities also. Every vehicle needs repair on a regular basis; you can enter into a contract with various major brands to offer your services. Thus, you can start this one of the small business ideas in Tamilnadu villages.

2. Organic food shop – best profitable business in Tamilnadu

As people are becoming health conscious, the importance of organic things, whether it is food or personal care, are now increasing. And people are ready to pay higher prices for organic food. So, to bring the organic things tradition back, you can start your organic food and vegetable shop and deliver them to the doorstep. 

There are two ways to run an organic food shop. The first one you can buy vegetables from wholesalers or the second one you can grow your vegetables and fruits. In both ways, you can further supply your products to the customer and in the local market directly. Initially, you might need the help of middlemen to establish your brand. Later on, you can directly deal with B2B and B2C and earn a good margin.

You can build an online app that supplies grocery and fresh vegetables online. If you want to work as an aggregator, then you can add the best farmers and wholesalers to your website and promote your website to the customers.

Once you have started this low budget business in Tamilnadu, you can take it to another level, i.e., exporting vegetables to other countries, which will be the best business to start in Tamilnadu.

3. South Indian Food Café – best small scale business in Tamilnadu

Another in our list of small business ideas in Tamil Nadu is in the Food niche. When it comes to food, Tamilnadu has a special place in our hearts for South Indian food. Their favourite cuisine, including idli, dosa, sambhar, umpa, Pongal and many more, attracts many local customers and tourists in Tamilnadu.

Here, you can start your best business in Tamilnadu in the food niche. Instead of a food café, you can also convert it into a food truck to sell varieties of south Indian food at prominent places. Take your favourite style of vehicle and décor, and sell the same to the outside roaming people.

Once you establish your brand, you can start selling your business franchise. It also serves as a healthy breakfast, which people love to add to their diet. Therefore, the demand for south Indian food is endless and offers good earning potential.

4. Clothing business

Tamilnadu ranks first in producing and exporting cotton yarns and is also a major hub for leather, footwear, and readymade garments. If you can invest capital, then you can set up a small garment factory with your own tailoring or manufacturing experience and start this small scale business in Tamilnadu.

You have a good target audience in the market that requires products such as school uniforms, ladies Kurtis, men’s shirts, or make ladies blouses. So, you can make garments and sell finished garments to retailers or wholesalers in your city or on online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart or even run it as a wholesale garment business.

Another clothing business model could be an aggregator platform, where you can partner with designers or household women to make and stick garments and sell through your website. It is one of the great small business ideas in Tamilnadu villages in Tamil.

5. Homemade meal business – trending business in Tamilnadu

In this busy life, we hardly get time to prepare our meals and follow a balanced diet schedule. But, if someone grabs this as a business opportunity in Tamilnadu, it will be the best business in Tamilnadu.

Homemade meal business is well known as a meals-to-go business, where it is required to prepare and deliver home-cooked meals for busy customers. The best thing about this business is you can start a homemade meal business from your home, and it could be one of the best small business ideas in Tamilnadu villages in Tamil.

However, to make your homemade food business is providing delicious and nutritious foods as per the people’s diet plan to help them in achieving a healthy life. You can customize the customer’s meal and charge premium prices. Alternatively, you can start it as cloud kitchen, which is a rapidly growing food business in India 2021. 

Another business model in the food industry is to start an aggregate food business model like Zomato, Swiggy, where you can ask village women to offer their meals through your online platform. As per our research, the homemade meal business is one of the profitable and best business ideas in Tamil Nadu.

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6. Print-on-demand online business – small business ideas in Tamil Nadu

Are you an entrepreneur full of creativity? Let’s turn your creativity into the best profitable business in Tamilnadu.

In the world of the internet, every design customization is possible. Here, we found a good opportunity in the print on demand business, where you can sell unique prints and designs on different products as per the designs provided by the customers. 

Print-on-demand business is an eCommerce business, where suppliers sell customized products such as t-shirts, mugs, calendars, bags, pillows, bedsheets, and many more such items. The best thing about the t-shirt business is that it is a small business idea in Tamilnadu villages in Tamil. The funky designs and viral quotes can help to grow your business. 

With the help of village women, you can expand it to embroidery on-demand business also, and that’s why we consider it a profitable business in Tamilnadu. Many companies or event organizers give bulk orders to create their logos and business themes for promotional purposes, making it wholesale business ideas in Tamil Nadu.

7. Handicraft store – small scale business in Tamilnadu

Having crafting skills? Let’s turn your skills into a small scale business in Tamilnadu. Those who love crafting can run an online craft store and earn handsome money as crafting is a million-dollar industry in foreign countries like the USA. Similarly, it can be one of the best business ideas in Tamil Nadu. 

The cultural richness in Tamilnadu gives the privilege to start a handicraft business in Tamilnadu. The city has great artists and skilled workers to create handmade items like jewellery, painting, showpieces, stone cravings, and many more traditional items. Additionally, the creativity can be in sewing, knitting, modelling and so on. 

You have various options to enter into like bamboo and cane handicraft, candle making, charcoal portraits, gift baskets, glass handicrafts, jute bags, etc. It is a good choice if you are interested in starting small business ideas in Tamilnadu villages in Tamil. 

8. Dairy products distribution business  

Milk and other dairy products like eggs, paneer, bread, butter, etc., delivery at the doorstep provides lots of convenience to the customers. Milk is the necessity that every home needs in the morning, and in this rush time, we don’t have time to go to the shop and buy milk. 

The dairy business is locally done in many remote villages. In India, milk is procured directly from the farm dairy, and they distribute it to the processing companies such as Motherdairy, Amul, etc. To ensure that the dairy products reach the customers, companies follow a long chain distribution channel. Here, you can grab the opportunity and start your milk distribution channel by connecting directly with the dairy farms.

Rearing cows and buffalos are common in villages, and many dairy firms collect a massive quantity of milk from these centres. Here, you can partner with dairy firms and start a subscription-based delivery business, where people will subscribe for the monthly product requirements, leading to long-term relations. 

9. Kitchen utensils manufacturing 

If you are interested in the manufacturing business, then we found manufacturing kitchen utensils one of the new business ideas in Tamil Nadu. There are many utensils that are necessary for day to day kitchen life. And, as the government has started various initiatives to ban plastic, if you can come up with kitchen utensils made up of steel, wood, bamboo or any other plastic alternative, then it is the best business to start in Tamilnadu.

The perfect customers for this business are the restaurant owners who are planning to buy kitchen utensils and appliances in bulk. They are the customers who are ready to spend a lump sum amount, and you can earn a fairly good margin. Besides that, the kitchen utensils are vastly used in food stalls, events, marriages, hotels everywhere. And, the demand for such products remains good throughout the year. 

You can start this low investment high profit business in Tamilnadu as a wholesale business to earn a good profit margin. Such items are also used for gifting purposes on special occasions.

A large size kitchen store caters to various kinds of kitchen-related products such as 

  • kitchen appliances like mixers, grinders
  • Storage items such as jars, containers, lunch boxes, racks and holders
  • Kitchen tools, i.e., choppers, slicers, knives
  • Tableware such as crockery items, dinner sets, cutlery. 

10. Digital marketing agency 

No matter what business an entrepreneur is running, marketing of a business is key to survive in this competitive world. All the above-mentioned businesses even need your digital marketing services. So, you have a huge scope of earning in the digital marketing business. 

In digital marketing, you have various options to start with, such as Instagram consultant, Video creator for Youtube, SEO, Email marketing, WordPress support, and content marketing. Initially, you can start as a freelancer and build a portfolio.

Once you have established your brand in the market, you can hire other digital marketers and start your digital marketing agency in Tamilnadu.  


Your excitement and passion for the business have brought you to the end of the article “small business ideas in Tamil Nadu.” So, we have shared our top 10 business in Tamilnadu; it includes small scale business in Tamilnadu, which requires low investment. Besides that, you need a feasible business plan and a solid marketing strategy to reach out to customers to establish your brand with the best business in Tamilnadu 2021. 

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