Top 10 Business Ideas In Pune | New Small Business Ideas In Pune 2021

Do you want to start a business in Pune? Are you searching for small business ideas in Pune, including low investment opportunities? Then we are assured this article will be beneficial for you as we have researched & listed ideas and opportunities which are low in investment but have high-profit potential.

Pune is a well-known city for manufacturing businesses, IT companies and the education sector. You can find various new business opportunities in Pune with low investment. 

Pune city, being a population with the middle class, allows for brainstorming manufacturing business ideas in Pune, side business ideas in Pune, home business ideas in Pune, small investment business in Pune, or part-time business ideas in Pune.

We have come up with the best business ideas in Pune that are in huge demand, and with the right strategies, you can create a huge customer base to grow and earn faster.

Check below the best Top 10 New small business ideas you can start in Pune with a small investment.

List of Top 10 New Business Ideas In Pune

1.Unified Transportation Digital service
2.Book café
3.Homemade food delivery
4.Baby Daycare Centre
5.Street Food Truck
6.Recruitment Consultant Business
7.Space Rental Real Estate Agent
8.Candle Manufacturing Business
9.Agarbatti Manufacturing Business
10.Business Broker Business

New Small Business Ideas In Pune 2021

1. Unified Transportation Digital Service

If you are looking to start some unique business ideas in Pune, then starting a single platform for transport availability is the best business to start in Pune. What Pune people badly need is

  • A single app to show the availability of auto, bus, car, or bike 
  • Bike or car-sharing facility in nearby areas. 
  • App to compare prices of different transportation modes. 

An organized transportation platform can help many working people, tourists, students, and local people to save their time and money. 

2. Book café – side business ideas in Pune

Pune is an education hub that makes book café as one of the best business ideas in Pune. Starting your bookstore or book café near the colleges or offices could provide you with a huge benefit. You have various choices to start your book café, such as

  • Buying or selling of old books or novels at low rates
  • Selling Xerox copy notes 
  • Selling new books to college students
  • Online digital book library 

Not everyone has money to buy new books; you can offer them second-hand books or xerox at a low cost. We consider this business as one of the easiest small scale business ideas in Pune to start today. 

3. Homemade food delivery – home business ideas in Pune

Every city has working people who come from different cities or countries who crave homemade food. In Pune also, there is a middle-class population who can’t afford to go to restaurants daily for their meals. In such situations, you can start a home-based business in Pune with low investment. In fact, we consider it as one of the best small business ideas in Pune for housewives also.

You have various choices like

  • Hire some people to cook and deliver food to home or office places
  • If you can cook, prepare meals by own and hire delivery boys to deliver food
  • You can tie up with household women to cook food 
  • Offer catering services to corporates 

If you have a limited budget, then starting a homemade food delivery business is among the best in our list of business ideas in Pune with low investment. Target the right people like working people, corporates, NGOs, and college-going students.

4. Baby Daycare Centre

Females looking for some new business ideas in Pune can start their baby daycare centre. It includes all daycare services that provide comfort to kids with babysitters, toys, etc.

The baby daycare centre is trending in every city, especially Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Mumbai. Hence, it can be started as one of the new business ideas in Pune

Nowadays, both parents are working, and in their busy schedules, it is quite challenging for them to give full-time care to their baby.

They prefer to leave their kids in daycare centres, where their kids are pampered, interacted with, and cared for. The more trust you build with the parents, the more you will be able to generate profit. 

5. Street Food Truck

Street food trucks are the fastest growing business in Pune. It was in the top list of business ideas in Pune in lockdown during the lockdown period. You can start your street food truck with various food items near commercial buildings or prominent places to attract local people and tourists. 

In the frequent tea breaks, employees look for some street food snacks along with some beverages. Here, you can capture a good crowd and earn a good profit with minimum risk. However, ensure to maintain food quality and hygiene. 

New Small Business Ideas In Pune 2021

6. Recruitment Consultant Business

Pune is among the top cities where people prefer to apply for jobs in various sectors. Employers and employees both face difficulties in hiring.

Here, to solve the problem of employer and employee, you can start your recruitment consultant business to create a bridge among them.

Many companies prefer to outsource their hiring processes to other recruitment agencies. You can help them to find skilled personnel and charge fees on a per hired candidate basis.

Starting a recruitment consultant business in Pune is a great earning opportunity as Pune has a lot of colleges, and these students look for part-time or full-time jobs after their college.

Without any investment, you can earn a good income with one of the most demanding business ideas in Pune 2021.

7. Space Rental Real Estate Agent

If you are looking for side business ideas in Pune and have good knowledge about the property, then starting a space rental real estate agent is on the top list of part time business ideas in Pune. As not every start-up has money to buy their own property to start their business. 

Here, you can create an online platform, register the properties or idle spaces available for rent, and provide such space. You can charge a commission from both parties and earn a good side income. 

8. Candle Manufacturing Business 

The candle manufacturing business is one of the low investment manufacturing business ideas in Pune and an easy way to start making money. The reason for starting the candle business is its one-time durability throughout the year.

Candles are used for one time and on a very large scale. Its demand remains high throughout the year. At religious places, festivals, marriages, funerals, lighting in the villages, and decorations, especially at cafes and hotels. So, there is a huge demand for simple and fancy candles.  

9. Agarbatti Manufacturing Business

Another one we suggest for manufacturing business ideas in Pune is the Agarbatti manufacturing business. Like the candle manufacturing business, agarbatti has never-ending demand in various counties also. Its demand remains good throughout the year and at peak during the festival seasons.

Its raw material and automatic agarbatti manufacturing machinery are easily available. So, you can plan and start this one of the most profitable small business ideas in Pune Marathi. Try to add some new natural flavours to capture the market. 

10. Business Broker Business

Grab some new business opportunities in Pune by starting your business broker business. Well, in Pune, thousands of new start-ups join the market daily, and many of them fail to run their business properly. As their start-ups involve huge costs, they look for parties who can take over or buy their businesses.  

You can help to connect both the business selling and business buying parties to create a successful deal among them. Who knows, you might get some start-up business ideas in Pune while helping others. 

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What are the most successful small businesses in Pune?

We have come up with the best business ideas in Pune that are in huge demand, and with the right strategies, you can create a huge customer base to grow and earn faster.
1. Unified Transportation Digital service
2. Book café
3. Homemade food delivery
4. Baby Daycare Centre
5. Street Food Truck

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