Top 10 Business Ideas in Mumbai | Small Business Ideas In Mumbai 2021

Mumbai is the fastest growing city in India, where people from various cities visit to join multinational companies. In Mumbai, there is a huge crowd demanding different types of goods or services. This provides an opportunity to look for small business ideas in Mumbai.

Based on the city’s demand, we have come up with the top 10 new business ideas in Mumbai with great earning potential.

Whether you are looking for small scale business ideas in Mumbai, part-time business ideas in Mumbai, or side business ideas in Mumbai, we have a list of various business opportunities in Mumbai without investment.

Best business ideas in Mumbai 2021

1. Fruit Juice Kiosk – startup business idea in Mumbai

How about opening a fruit juice kiosk outside the working places or institutes? A glass of fresh juice is a great option to energize anyone after a tiring day or start their fresh morning. Fresh fruit juice kiosk is a small scale business idea in Mumbai that can be started at low investment.

The best thing is, the fruit juice business is best in summers for more hydrating and winters; they provide adequate nutrients to boost immunity. Thus, you can operate it throughout the year. That’s why we have considered Fruit juice kiosks to be on the top of our list of new business ideas in Mumbai.

Opening the kiosk nearby prominent locations and selling the franchisees could turn into the most profitable business in Mumbai. You can add various healthy flavours or seasonal juices to capture the market.

2. Snacks café – food business idea in Mumbai

Undoubtedly, Mumbai is one of the crowded places with a huge population. And, many outsider students, working people live there. In high-traffic areas, starting a snack bar is among the best business ideas in Mumbai to satisfy their hunger. It may be chips, baked goods, sandwiches, etc. You can also run it as a mobile food truck near beaches or tourists’ places.

Maintaining hygiene and quality taste is the key to the success of any food business in Mumbai. You can also hire someone to manage the snacks bar and operate as a part-time business in Mumbai. 

3. Tiffin services – home business ideas in Mumbai

In the daily busy schedule, Mumbai people face many challenges in preparing their food at home or paying guests. To solve this problem, you can start tiffin-based services to provide good quality breakfast, lunch or dinner. Here, you can offer them homemade hygiene food. If you are a woman, starting tiffin services from home is one of the best small business ideas in Mumbai for ladies.

Try to build trust with your customers, and you will enjoy a long-lasting business. To expand tiffin services, you can contact NGOs, corporates, functions, etc., to provide them regular tiffin services. You can start tiffin services in Mumbai as a small scale business in Mumbai and then expand to the best business idea in Mumbai 2021.

4. Paying guest services – new business opportunities in Mumbai

The high population of students and working people in Mumbai increases the demand for paying guest services. Not every person can afford to pay individual rent or buy their own property. To solve the living problems of students, you can start your PG services.

The key to the success of the PG business is to satisfy the needs of students by providing them with all necessary facilities. You can hire caterers to offer food facilities to students. If you have a good accommodation place, then PG services are one of the highly profitable business ideas in Mumbai.

Another option is to start an online platform like “OYO” for all PGs on a single platform. You can allow people to register their idle rooms at your platform, and students can find the PGs easily at your platform.

5. Sell used items

Selling used items is still a trending small scale business in Mumbai. Some things are temporary to use in houses, offices, or some can also be bought in good quality from the used category. Here, many people living on rent in Mumbai prefer to purchase second-hand items until they live in Mumbai.

It opens a great opportunity for you to start your business of buying and selling or even renting old items, such as cars, furniture, electronic items, books, etc. In a few products like cars, laptops there is a good profit margin. Anyone living in Mumbai looking to start side business ideas in Mumbai can start it. Students can also start it as a part-time business in Mumbai along with their studies.

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6. Recruitment agency

Mumbai is a hub of working people, daily thousands of job vacancies open, companies struggle to find employees, and on the other hand, students face difficulty finding job vacancies. Here, you can start your recruitment agency to establish a link between employers and employees to find the right candidate for the suitable posts. 

In the recruitment agency business, you can work as a middleman and help both parties fulfil their requirements. With the low investment and lots of effort, it could be turning into the best business to start in Mumbai.

7. Photography business

Photography is a never-ending business; the more you have photography and editing skills, the more revenue you generate with this low investment business in Mumbai. Nowadays, social media is full of attractive pictures, and people love to capture pictures at different locations.

Here, you have various options to start your photography business, such as wedding or parties shoot, ask for pictures from the local and foreign tourists, or even sell your photography to the businesses for their social media marketing. If you are passionate about photography, then you can consider it on top as part-time business ideas in Mumbai.

8. Book rental store – small investment business in Mumbai

Another business to start in Mumbai is setting up a book rental store. Starting your book stall or store nearby educational institutes can create your monopoly. You can either sell books or provide them on rent to the students. In addition, you can also sell handwritten notes, second-hand books at low prices to students.

Adding some good novels is another good option. Book rental store business in Mumbai is among the top business ideas in Mumbai with low investment. 

9. Dance academy

Mumbai has a well-known established entertainment industry, where people build their careers by following their dance passion. If you are passionate about dancing, you can start your academy to train students; you can start your YouTube channel and grow your business. Being an entertainment city, starting a dance academy is considered the best business to start in Mumbai.

Starting your dance academy is one of the best business ideas in Mumbai due to its high demand throughout the year. You can charge per session or monthly. In addition to this, you can add on traditional dresses to sell to your students and earn a good amount. It is also a small business idea in Mumbai for ladies, who can start it from their house.

10. Financial planning services

Financial planning is the fastest growing business in Mumbai. A financial expert guides people to invest their funds and earn a higher return than the banks or fixed deposits. Many people in Mumbai want someone to advise them about various schemes where they can invest their money.

If you have good skills and knowledge, then you can offer your consultancy services and charge a fixed commission from them. It is the best financial planning business without investment in Mumbai to start today.

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