Top 10 Business Ideas In Delhi |Small Business Ideas In Delhi 2021

Delhi is the heart of India, with major commercial centers and tourists’ spots that open the door to starting businesses and build your empire from scratch. Well, business ideas come and go, but starting the most profitable business in Delhi will help you stand out from the competition and create a unique brand value. 

You have various options in small business ideas in Delhi to look for, such as starting a home business in Delhi, side business ideas in Delhi, online business ideas in Delhi, part-time business ideas in Delhi, or even work from home business ideas in Delhi.

But among them, business is all about solving the problem of people. And, we found some genuine problems that require a solution. Such problems establish new business ideas in Delhi to start today. 

Top 10 Business Ideas In Delhi 2021

1.Canteen and Mess Business
2.Vehicle rental business
3.Tree-planting business
4.Bridal shopping platform
5.Property management
6.Organic gardening
7.Paying Guest services
8.Breakfast business
9.Environmental friendly bags
10.Handicraft business – Most profitable business in Delhi

1. Canteen and Mess Business  

Foodies are everywhere; they just need a food spot. Here, instead of spending huge investment in the restaurant, you can start your canteen business in hostels, colleges, campuses, or schools. Many students get frequent breaks during their lectures, and they want to energize themselves. 

You can offer various healthy meal options, snacks with tea/coffee, or other eating stuff to the students. Further, you can expand your services as a catering business by networking with marriage halls, hotels, or occasional events in schools. Later on, you can sell your business franchisee and expand your business. 

2. Vehicle rental business 

Another one of the best business ideas in Delhi is the vehicle rental business. In a city like Delhi, where people have to travel for their offices daily from metro or cab services, starting a two-wheeler or car rental business is the most profitable business in Delhi. 

As public transport consumes too much time, people wish to have the car or bike on rent to reach their workplaces on time. Here, in our list of new business ideas in Delhi, if you can provide vehicles on rent to solve the people’s problems. You can charge rent on a per hour basis or monthly basis. You can also start it as a home-based business in Delhi and run it on a part-time basis.

3. Tree-planting business – low investment business in Delhi

You must have heard about the forest at home business. It used to be one of the traditional ways to control pollution and purify the air. As we know the pollution conditions in Delhi, starting a tree-planting business is one of the best business ideas in Delhi without investment.

To start your tree-planting business, you can help to grow indoor plants to purify the air. You can contact offices, homes, resorts, restaurants, schools, hotels, or colleges to plant indoors, create a small gardening area and its maintenance. You can charge them monthly maintenance charges also. It will also help to control pollution in Delhi. 

4. Bridal shopping platform – New business ideas in Delhi

If you are looking for online business ideas in Delhi, then starting your bridal shopping platform is an amazing business idea. During the wedding season, people struggle to find various items for different rituals. 

To solve this problem, you can sell all bridal or marriage-related stuff on a single platform. You can offer a good selection of wedding dresses, special attire, and other related things for Mehandi, Haldi, etc. It will save their time to search for different shops, and they can buy all things at your bridal shop. You can further expand it by collaborating with a beauty parlor, caterers, and wedding halls. Start this one of the unique and new business ideas in Delhi in the upcoming wedding season. 

5. Property management – side business ideas in Delhi

As Delhi is a hub of workplaces, you will find many small offices to big corporations in every area. The corporations have focused only on improving and completing their work. Here, the biggest problem they face is property management. 

Property management includes management of the workplace, handling documentation of the clients. You can contact corporates to manage the documentation that will help them to save their time in finding documents.

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6. Organic gardening 

Organic gardening can be considered as a small business idea in Delhi that can be started at home. In the era where all food items, including fruits and vegetables, ripen and colored with chemicals, you can sell organic foods. You can start it today as the best business ideas in Delhi without investment.

If you have some good space to grow fruits and vegetables, then you must consider organic gardening as a profitable business to start in Delhi. You can contact grocery shops to sell or start your own online grocery selling platform to earn a good margin. You can open the source of healthier food for people.  

7. Paying Guest services – Small business ideas in Delhi

Delhi is the hub of various institutes like Laxmi Nagar for CA, ITO for advocates, etc. In such places, many students come from different cities and look for paying guest (PG) services. Besides that, many Delhi people prefer to reside near their offices or colleges; in such cases, they face lots of difficulties searching for PG and partners who can share rent with them.

If you have a good apartment or accommodation place, then you can start PG services, and with the quality services, it could be turned into the most profitable business ideas in Delhi

8. Breakfast business – online business ideas in Delhi

Delhi people are always in a hurry with no time to prepare breakfast. People prefer to buy some healthy breakfasts like Paranthas, idli, dosa, etc., from restaurants. Here you can grab the opportunity to start some home-based breakfasts and offer many types of breakfasts to people. 

You can fix a menu daily or provide alternative healthy breakfast ideas with home or office delivery services. Maintaining good food quality and on-time delivery is the key to the success of this low investment business in Delhi.

9. Environmental friendly bags

If you are interested in manufacturing business ideas in Delhi, manufacturing environmentally friendly bags is the best home business in Delhi. As the government is constantly taking steps towards banning the use of plastic, you have a great opportunity to find an alternative to plastic bags. It may be paper bags, jute bags, or canvas cloth bags. 

And, the demand for bags to carry anything is never-ending. Everywhere, whether it is a supermarket, shopping bags, or other retailers, shopkeepers need bags to serve multi-purposes. You can start handmade bags or set up your manufacturing unit to manufacture bags. 

10. Handicraft business – Most profitable business in Delhi

Another one of the best small-scale manufacturing business ideas in Delhi is starting a handicraft business. India, being a famous tourist country, and Delhi, the heart of India, attracts lakhs of tourists on a daily basis. They love to explore Indian tradition and culture, which creates a high demand for Indian handicraft items. 

You can start one of the creative handicraft business ideas in Delhi with low investment, or you can create an online platform to connect artists from various states and show their handicraft items to sell. The demand for antique items is always high, also at premium prices.
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