Top 10 Business ideas in Chennai | Small Business Ideas In Chennai 2021

Planning to start your own business in Chennai?

But struggling to find out small business ideas in Chennai in Tamil or business without investment in Chennai? Let’s step out from the common business ideas and pick the most demanding and profitable best business ideas in Chennai.

Starting a business in Chennai is ideal for entrepreneurs as, firstly, Chennai ranks third in the list of most visiting places in India by tourists, including foreigners. Secondly, Chennai has the second largest beach in the world and is a well-known city with universities, where students come to study from different parts of the country.

Here, we have mentioned the top 10 small business ideas in Chennai with low investment that you can plan and start today.

Best business ideas in Chennai

1. Mobile Food court – New business ideas in Chennai

Higher the flexibility to customers, higher the brand visibility and revenue. A mobile food court is at the top of our list of new business ideas in Chennai. Food courts at prominent places like outside offices, colleges, hostels, or even tourist places work amazingly.

In busy schedules, people don’t have much time to go to restaurants; therefore, mobile food courts demands are increasing rapidly. You can either start with fast food, any newly invented dish or home-based healthy food; all are good opportunities to grab and earn. It could be one of the great small business ideas in Chennai with low investment for housewives also.

2. Seafood business

Chennai has the second largest beach, i.e., Marian Beach, globally, which makes Chennai the best place to start a seafood business. If you are good at cooking, you can easily avail the sea-based food material to cook or freeze.

Another opportunity is to hire a cook who can cook the seafood or sell frozen and fresh foods. Selling seafood near beach areas is a great small scale business in Chennai.

3. Car parking app – small scale business in Chennai

In Chennai, most people prefer to travel by their own vehicle at their job place or even visiting nearby areas. Here, being a metropolitan city, people face lots of problems while searching for a car parking space.

To solve the car parking problem, you can launch a real-time app that will help people to find the locations or spaces nearby areas available for parking. In addition, you can contact the house owners who have idle parking space in their house itself and ask them to allow them for parking to outsiders. In such a way, you can earn commission from both parties and enjoy part-time business in Chennai. It is one of the new business ideas in Chennai 2021 that can be a start easily with low investment.

4. Beach photography/videography business in Chennai

If you want to start a low investment business in Chennai to earn a good amount of profit, then the beach photography business in Chennai is the best business to start in Chennai.

As Chennai is a famous tourist place throughout the year, you can ask people for the pics to capture their memorable moments. All you need is a good quality camera and editing skills, or you can hire some freelancers for video or photo editing at cheap rates.

5. Event planning business in Chennai

An event planning business includes everything from event decoration, deciding the venue, and catering services for different events such as parties, marriages, corporate meetings, etc. It is one of the most profitable small business ideas in Chennai in Tamil.

If you have good networking, you can also connect with your friends and allocate divisional responsibilities to manage the complete event planning business. Many people prefer to arrange surprise parties for their friends or kids; you can contact them on a contract basis. Further, you can also hire a photographer to collaborate with you to offer a complete event planning package on your online platform only. Being one of the small business ideas in Chennai in Tamil, you can slowly expand it in various areas on a contract basis.

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business ideas in chennai

6. Maid agency business in Chennai

A busy schedule and shortage of maids is a big problem in Chennai. The majority of people in Chennai are working, and they don’t get time for household work. In such situations, the demand for the maid is always high. If you want to start a home-based business in Chennai without investment, then providing a maid to the houses is an amazing business with great earning potential.

You can build an online platform to allow maids to register at the platform, and the families can hire the maid from there. And, you can charge registration charges or commissions from both parties. Later on, you can expand it as your home-based food business also.

7. Rental properties

Renting of properties is always a business with a good profitable business. If you have a home near a beach or any famous location, you can also provide the idle space to rent tourists and charge rent on a per-day basis. Alternatively, you can choose this best business to start in Chennai by renting out the rooms to the students or office workers and charge monthly rent.

You can start it as a part-time business in Chennai without any investment.

8. Travel vlogger

Travel blogging or vlogging is the fastest growing business opportunity in Chennai without investment. Starting the travel vlogger business is good for those who love travelling. As Chennai has many visiting places to cover, i.e., tourists to local places, you can shoot many videos and publish them on Youtube.

There are many options to earn income as a travel blogger like affiliate, provide tourist packages, help as a tourist guide, sell merchandise, link with hotels to provide living spaces to people, etc. Here, you need an HD camera to start your travel blogging. Any person looking to start their home-based business in Chennai without investment can start it today.

9. Tea or Coffee shop

Roadside tea or coffee stall is another small-scale business in Chennai in our list of business ideas in Chennai. Many people working in jobs or colleges prefer to take frequent tea breaks to refresh their minds. You can also open a small coffee restaurant nearby beach areas for couples.

If you have a restricted budget, then starting your own coffee or tea café is a low budget business in Chennai to start. You can add a good profit margin along with selling other products such as snacks. Further, if you have a home at some prominent place, you can start it as a home-based business in Chennai without investment also.

10. IT services

Chennai is an IT hub of India and has always come up with lots of new start-ups which require regular IT support services. If you are from a tech background, you can avail the opportunity of starting an IT company. It shall include various services such as website designing, SEO consultancy, website maintenance, social media management. Various companies require a separate team to handle their social media accounts.

Starting your own IT firm is one of the great part-time businesses in Chennai, which can also be started as a home-based business in Chennai. IT is a low investment business in Chennai that any IT student can start or even hire freelancers to build a team.

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