Top 10 Business Ideas In Bihar | New Small Business Ideas In Bihar 2021

Do you want to start your business in Bihar? We all know that Bihar is one of the most backward states in India but with a huge population, especially youths that makes it a suitable place to start businesses. In Bihar, there are still huge gaps in few sectors that need to be filled with some new business ideas in Bihar

Instead of copying other’s business ideas, there are numerous business opportunities for startups in Bihar. Confused? Don’t worry; we have explored Bihar city and come up with the best business ideas in Bihar.

Here is the list of best business ideas in Bihar 2021 that requires low investment and can capture a significant market to grow rapidly.

Top 10 Best Business Ideas In Bihar 2021

1. Setting up hangout places – most profitable business in Bihar

In our list of the best business ideas in Bihar, the most profitable business in Bihar is setting up some hangout places. Bihar lacks places where you can hang out with your friends/family to enjoy the time. Here, you can look to start some hangout options in Bihar, such as

  • ·Setting up game parlors, 
  • Setting up chain restaurants with home delivery or buffet system, 
  • Setting up a private biological park at a low cost,
  • Clubs to play​ indoor games like badminton or snooker and a basic gym 
  • Planning to execute any of the above hangout places is a good business to start in Bihar as it will grow in no time due to huge demand. 

2. Transportation business

Another good business idea in Bihar 2020 is starting your transportation business. There are many places in Bihar where the requirement of vehicles to deliver groceries, raw material, food, or related stuff. Here, you can begin with one or two vehicles like tempos or small trucks and expand it to different areas. You can hire drivers and give them to rent or charge daily. 

Alternative transportation business is to start a passenger transportation business like ola or uber car model. It is an app-based taxi service, where you can register various other taxi drivers and charge commission on rides. 

3. Pickle making business – small business ideas in Bihar

Pickle is one of the traditional food items that every Indian loves to eat. Many women prefer to start their pickle businesses from their homes and sell them in bulk to retailers or grocery shops. And the best thing about it is you can expand it in the international market also.  

Pickle-making business can be considered among the best small business ideas in Bihar with the requirement of raw material only. If you can come up with some great taste, this can be the most profitable business in Bihar. Try to connect with village women to bring some extraordinary taste; this will help you grow your business and provide a livelihood to the village women. 

4. Online resellers 

In the internet era, e-commerce platforms are booming daily and still at the growing stage. Besides that, with the great usage of social media, now it has become easy to do marketing of your business. If you don’t have investment and are looking for the best business to start in Bihar, then reselling the business is trendy. 

In reselling business, you can connect with manufacturers and sell their products by adding your margin. You don’t need to buy their products, just need to bring customers and ask the manufacturer to deliver them. In such an online reselling business, you can deal with any type of trending products or seasonal products without worrying about stock wastage as you don’t own any stock. 

5. Vlogging about Bihar

Blogging and vlogging are now known as the most trending small business ideas in Bihar. YouTube and Instagram are becoming a part of everyday life. People love to share their travel journeys, daily lifestyle, their home vlogs, etc. 

Here, you can start vlogging about Bihar and cover various places to visit in Bihar, places to chill out with friends or families, favourite temples to visit, best places to eat and stay in Bihar, etc. You can start earning with Google AdSense, advertisement, promoting products of other companies, or even affiliate commissions. 

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6. Salon business

There are many places in Bihar, like Gaya, Muzaffarpur, Patna, where the demand for salon services is very high, and the salons are very less. In such cases, people have to wait, and it consumes too much time. You can start your salon services, one of the best business ideas in the Bihar village area that can be started with low investment. 

Another option is to start mobile van salon services; it is among the great startup ideas in Bihar. It also provides convenience to the customers. You can hire hairstylists to run your salon and earn good revenue. 

7. Pooja items online shop – new business ideas in Bihar

Searching for new business ideas in Bihar? Starting a one-stop pooja samagri online store in Bihar, where you can help the devotees and devotion to find all the pooja items in one place, is a good business to start in Bihar.

Bihar has lots of temples, cultural festivals, which require pooja items. You can start an e-commerce portal with easy and quick delivery options to fulfill the people’s requirements.

According to the surveys, the religious business of India is one of the best business ideas in Bihar, with the highest money-making opportunity. Later on, it can be expanded as pooja item franchisee store business online in India. 

8. Toys manufacturing business

Toys are the essentials in the development and advancement of children. Children learn many things by playing that allows them to be familiar with the world. And, India has a huge unfavorable impact after banning Chinese products, including toys. 

Here, you can set up your toys manufacturing with innovative toys to capture the interest of kids. We consider e-toys manufacturing as one of the most profitable manufacturing business ideas in Bihar due to its huge demand over the country. 

9. Food business – best big business ideas in Bihar

Although the food business demand is never-ending, as soon the hangout places will start setting up in Bihar, the demand for food stalks in such places will also arise. You can grab the business opportunity and start a food catering business in Bihar. 

You can contact café’s, restaurants, hostels, paying guests, or even start your own food stalls near the temples or visiting areas. Ensure to hire some professional cooking persons who can build trust among the customers with their taste and food quality. 

10. Agarbatti manufacturing business in Bihar

The last one in our list of business ideas in Bihar 2021 is making incense (agarbatti) sticks in Bihar. It is the best manufacturing business in Bihar that can be started anywhere with just raw material and little space. The demand for agarbatti is huge in day-to-day life, be it a festival season or daily temple pooja. 
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