Top 10 Business Ideas In Bangalore |Small Business Ideas In Bangalore 2021

Bangalore is a Hub for any kind of business to start. There are several kinds of business opportunities in Bangalore with low investment. You can look for the best business to start in Bangalore and initially earn to a moderate level and have high success in the coming future. 

We have shared the top business ideas in Bangalore, including small-scale business ideas in Bangalore that are in huge demand and can be profitable by adding value. 

Top 10 Best Business To Start In Bangalore 2021

1. Career counselling – best business in Bangalore

An increase in courses and competition creates chaos among the students, and many of the students end up with courses in which they are not interested that may disrupt their whole life. The demand for career counselling for graduates and working professionals has increased in multiple folds. 

In a city like Bangalore, where there is a hub of institutions and colleges, starting your own career counselling business is on our top list of best profitable business ideas in Bangalore. If you have good experience and knowledge, you can guide others and charge them on an hourly basis to provide guidance. Besides that, you can also contact schools, colleges, or institutes for career guidance. 

2. Car or bicycle rental Business             

Have an interest in automobiles? Let’s generate some new business ideas in Bangalore in the automobile industry. The car or bicycle rental business could be among the best business ideas in Bangalore, where you can rent our car or bicycle to the people and charge rent on a per hour basis. Or you can give cars on rent for the trips to people and charge a fixed amount in advance. 

In addition, with the bicycle rental business, you can encourage people to reduce the weight that will create popularity and make it a profitable business in Bangalore. With a great strategy and expansion plans, you can run it as the best profitable business idea in Bangalore.

3. Coffee café

The tea business is already overrated in Bangalore. How about starting your coffee café or coffee shop outside the companies or institutes? Bangalore has a good population density of people between the age of 25-35. Many working people take frequent breaks for tea/coffee or snacks. And, the biggest advantage of starting a coffee café in Bangalore is you will find more coffee lovers rather than tea lovers. 

You can start your coffee café near prominent areas such as outside corporations and local regions, where friends can hang out after college. Plus, a coffee café with outdoor seating could be one of the best business ideas in Bangalore.

4. Mobile food truck business

Bangalore people are quite a foodie and love to eat a lot, so most people around Bangalore start with the fast-food corners. But, to bring some uniqueness to your business, instead of a fixed shop or stall, you can start a mobile food truck business. The mobile food van is the best business to start in Bangalore 2021 with low investment.

You can hire a mobile van, park it in a municipal area, and serve fast food there. If you come up with some new themes or dishes in the food truck business, then there is a huge scope of this business in Bangalore. 

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5. Digital marketing agency in Bangalore

Traditional businesses are constantly overruled by digital businesses, creating a huge scope for digital marketing. Whether small or big, every business shifting to the online platform requires someone to guide them and help them increase their sales through digital marketing. 

If you have good knowledge of digital marketing, you can create your website and offer various digital marketing services. This is among the most demanding online business ideas in Bangalore without investment.

6. Home food-based services

Let’s explore the business ideas in Bangalore without investment. Starting a home-based food business is on our top list of small business ideas in Bangalore. The reason for starting a home food-based business is that many people living in Bangalore have no time to cook, prepare food, or struggle to find maids. 

So, if you love cooking or can hire cooks to prepare food at home and deliver it to their offices or homes, you can start a low investment business in Bangalore. It will help people to stay healthy with good quality homemade food. And you can easily start it as a small-scale business idea in Bangalore.

7. Co-working space 

Lots of start-ups are struggling to find places to start their business and pay high rent. To solve this problem, you can start your coworking space business. You can offer co-working space to various start-ups in one large area and charge rent from each. Although you need a little investment for this business, you can earn a lifetime revenue with a one-time investment.

Offering co-working spaces with facilities like wifi, seating desks, printers, and other necessary stuff can help you charge a good amount. Considering it as among the new start-upstart-up ideas in Bangalore, you can capture the market quickly and at a large scale. It is a profitable business in Bangalore.

8. Organize fairs for start-ups – new business ideas in Bangalore

If you are looking to start something new, then we suggest you tie up with small businesses, start-ups, or home businesses to showcase their business on your platform. Many small businesses are struggling to grow due to a lack of online marketing knowledge. 

Here, you can organize fairs and auction their products to sell in domestic and international markets. 

9. Vendor managing services – online business ideas in Bangalore

Vendor management is all about managing all the vendors on a single platform to serve their services. Every household, apartment, or commercial building requires services like Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, cleaners, etc. And people struggle to find them on an immediate basis.

Here, you can connect all vendors at your online platform like Urbanclap and offer services in local areas of Bangalore. 

10. Business start-up guide – small business ideas in Bangalore

We all know that every year Bangalore comes up with the highest number of start-ups. And, every start-upstart-up somewhere needs guidance to start and grow. To solve this problem, you can start Business start-up instruction services and guide them with the strategies for entering the market, establishing their brands, expansion plans, funding, etc. 

If you have good entrepreneurship skills and experience in various industries, then you can start it as a part time business idea in Bangalore and build up good networking to convert it into the best business in Bangalore. If you are looking for online business ideas in Bangalore, then you can start it as an online consultancy.
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